How We Can Get Free Seychelles Visa On Arrival:

Passport and Visa Requirements For Seychelles:

Getting Married in Seychelles:

Student Permit:

Passport requirements:

Valid passports or other travel documents recognised by Seychelles are required for entry into Seychelles. The passport MUST be valid for the period of the intended stay until arrival back in holder’s country of origin / residence.

Visa requirements

Visa is not required for entry into the Republic of Seychelles regardless of the nationality of the passport holder.

Visitors Permit:

A visa is not required for visitors regardless of the nationality of the person
A visitor’s permit is issued on arrival in Seychelles to a person who comes for the purpose of holiday, pleasure, business, visit friends or family and who –

  • is not a prohibited immigrant;
  • is not the holder of a valid permit which entitles the holder to reside in Seychelles.
  • holds a valid return or onward ticket for duration of visit;
  • has confirmed accommodation;

Has sufficient funds for duration of the stay. The Visitor’s Permit may be granted for a period of visit of up to three months upon arrival. It can be extended for successive periods not exceeding three months at a time to a maximum period of twelve months, provided that the person still meets the criteria of a bona fide visitor.

The visitor’s permit is issued free of charge for the first three months after which, a fee of Sr. 5,000/‐ is applicable for extension covering each period of three months or any part thereof.

Getting Married in Seychelles:

Marriage is an important event in a couple’s life. You will be excited and challenged by all the preparations and planning for the big day. What do I need to know before I get married ? A couple wishing to get married by law should be aware of these important points about civil marriages:

  • The majority age for male or female to contract marriage is eighteen years and over.
  • Parent’s consentment is required for any to contract civil marriage.
  • Any person in accordance with the Laws of Seychelles can get married.
  • Female minor children must produce proof of the consent (a notary document) in writing if one of the parents can’t be there in person to give a verbal consent
  • Before the marriage can take place, the banns are published for eleven days prior to the date of marriage.

Foreigners wishing to get married in Seychelles may call at the Civil Status office at Independence House or may wish to make arrangement through their Local Travel Agent or Hotel. What document that I need to present ?

  • Birth certificate
  • Seychelles National Identity cards
  • Death or Divorce certificates where applicable
  • Passport where appropriate

Where do I get more information about getting married? The couple who wish to register their marriage should be present in the Civil Status office with a witness from each side. If the couple wishes to register their marriage at home, they should inform the Civil Status office at least a week before the marriage takes place.

Student Permit:

A Student’s Permit may be granted to a non-Seychello is not being a visitor, who has been accepted to follow a course of study in an approved educational institution in Seychelles.Child who is a Dependants of his/her parent in Seychelles or has attained the age of 18 years may also apply to continue to follow his course of study;

How to apply:

Complete the form  Application Of Students Permit

The application form is to be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Documentary proof of acceptance from the Educational institution that you will be enrolled in;
  2. Documentary evidence of financial means of support for the duration of the course of study;
  3. Copy of passport bio data page of prospective student.
  4. Two recent passport photographs
  5. Proof of accommodation arrangement may be requested.
  6. Processing Fee of Sr. 1000/-

On approval of the application the permit fee of Sr. 1,500/- is payable for one year or part thereof

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For more information, contact

Mahé Central office
Telephone No: + (248) 429 36 04 /429 36 13 / 429 36 14

Praslin Telephone No: + (248) 423 39 04

La Digue Telephone No: + (248) 258 69 87

Opening hours: 8.00am – 12.00 am and 1.00pm – 4.00pm.

Note: Student Are Not allowed For Work

Extension of Visitor’s Permit is also subject to (a) ‐ (e) above.

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Application Extension Of Visitors Permit